List of Political Parties in Nigeria

Political Parties In Nigeria

1.Abundant Nigeria Renewal PartyANRP
3.Action AllianceAA
4.Action Democratic PartyADP
5.Action Peoples PartyAPP
6.Advanced Allied PartyAAP
7.Advanced Congress Of DemocratsACD
8.Advanced Nigeria Democratic PartyANDP
9.Advanced Peoples Democratic AllianceAPDA
10.African Action CongressAAC
11.African Democratic CongressADC
12.African Peoples AllianceAPA
13.All Blending PartyABP
14.All Grand Alliance PartyAGAP
15.All Grassroots AllianceAGA
16.All Progressives CongressAPC
17.All Progressives Grand AllianceAPGA
18.Alliance for a United NigeriaAUN
19.Alliance For DemocracyAD
20.Alliance for New NigeriaANN
21.Alliance National PartyANP
22.Alliance of Social DemocratsASD
23.Allied Congress Party of NigeriaACPN
24.Allied Peoples MovementAPM
25.Alternative Party of NigeriaAPN
26.Better Nigeria Progressive PartyBNPP
27.Boot PartyBP
28.Change Advocacy PartyCAP
29.Change Nigeria PartyCNP
30.Coalition for ChangeC4C
31.Congress of PatriotsCOP
32.Democratic AlternativeDA
33.Democratic Peoples CongressDPC
34.Democratic Peoples PartyDPP
35.Freedom and Justice PartyFJP
36.Fresh Democratic PartyFRESH
37.Grassroots Development Party of NigeriaGDPN
38.Green Party of NigeriaGPN
39.Hope Democratic PartyHDP
40.Independent DemocratsID
41.Justice Must Prevail PartyJMPP
42.Kowa PartyKP
43.Labour PartyLP
44.Legacy Party of NigeriaLPN
45.Liberation MovementLM
46.Mass Action Joint AllianceMAJA
47.Masses Movement of NigeriaMMN
48.Mega Party of NigeriaMPN
49.Modern Democratic PartyMDP
50.Movement for the Restoration and Defence of DemocracyMRDD
51.National Action CouncilNAC
52.National Conscience PartyNCP
53.National Democratic Liberty PartyNDLP
54.National Interest PartyNIP
55.National Rescue MovementNRM
56.National Unity PartyNUP
57.New Generation Party of NigeriaNGP
58.New Nigeria Peoples PartyNNPP
59.New Progressive MovementNPM
60.Nigeria Community Movement PartyNCMP
61.Nigeria Democratic Congress Party NDCP
62.Nigeria Elements Progressive Party NEPP
63.Nigeria for DemocracyNFD
64.Nigeria Peoples CongressNPC
65.People For Democratic ChangePDC
66.Peoples Coalition PartyPCP
67.Peoples Democratic MovementPDM
68.Peoples Democratic PartyPDP
69.Peoples Party of NigeriaPPN
70.Peoples Progressive PartyPPP
71.Peoples Redemption PartyPRP
72.People’s TrustPT
73.Progressive Peoples AlliancePPA
74.Providence People’s CongressPPC
75.Re-build Nigeria PartyRBNP
76.Reform and Advancement PartyRAP
77.Restoration Party of NigeriaRP
78.Save Nigeria CongressSNC
79.Social Democratic PartySDP
80.Socialist Party of NigeriaSPN
81.Sustainable National PartySNP
82.United Democratic PartyUDP
83.United PatriotsUP
84.United Peoples CongressUPC
85.United Progressive PartyUPP
86.Unity Party of NigeriaUPN
87.We The People NigeriaWTPN
88.Yes Electorates SolidarityYES
89.Young Democratic PartyYDP
90.Young Progressive PartyYPP
91.Youth PartyYP
92.Zenith Labour PartyZLP