IPAC Charges Members, Others on Election Year 2019

The general body of Nigeria’s 91 registered political parties, Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC) has charged its members, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the National Assembly and the Judiciary to make sure the 2019 polls are successful.

The new year 2019 which also doubles as the general elections year is a year Nigerians are looking forward to, to exercise their civic duty of directly influencing governance in their nation.

The Council’s Chairman, High Chief Peter Ameh in his new year greetings in a release by IPAC Media Committee Secretary, Akinloye Oyeniyi, all IPAC’s 91 members and other stakeholders were wished an eventful and successful 2019.

“I am wishing all our member parties and co-stakeholders an eventful and successful 2019. I pray Almighty God crown our efforts to enthrone good governance as we daily navigate our political course to take Nigeria to the promise land.

Ameh in the release said “Political parties are the assemblies of people with same aspiration and interest to capture power and the only electoral stakeholders carrying out government and political recruitment, interest articulation and aggregation, political communication and education, and goal formation. So as the link between government and the people, structurers of electoral choice and political representation of the electorates, if we can statutorily make government accountable, we must as a matter of fact also be partners in progress to achieve all these.

“We are also tasking our fellow institutional stakeholders with links to electoral governance which in the process of rule formation by the legislature, administration by the electoral management body and adjudication by the judiciary. Because proper application of electoral rules and electoral justice in carrying out elections can never be overemphasized, as they not only bring about leadership succession, people’s participation in politics, public opinion, withdrawal of obedience, enhanced continual effective legal framework, ensure equal voting rights of adult franchise, competitive election among all parties, free speech and association, enhanced speed of democratic consolidation, efficient electoral process, making democracy legitimate but also enhanced rule of laws, electoral accountability, inter-institutional accountability, participation and competition.

The current leadership of IPAC also harped on electoral security as an ingredient of conducive environment, increased public confidence in the electoral process, removal of threat to electoral democracy, consolidation of democracy, improved integrity of the electoral process, security of lives and properties during election, and protection of citizens’ civic, political and social rights.

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