IPAC Chairman, Peter Ameh calls for politics of inclusivity

High Chief Peter Ameh, National Chairman Inter-Party Advisory Council, IPAC, has called on politicians to play politics of inclusivity by ensuring the full participation of women in our body politics by enforcing the 35 percent affirmative action.

He made the call during the meeting of leadership of political parties with the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, in Abuja, yesterday.

According to him, to promote the issue of inclusivity and ensure the full participation of women in our body politics, IPAC is proposing at least 35 percent affirmative action plan insertion as clause for any association seeking registration as a Political Party between Section 221-229 of the constitution as requirement for the composition of its executive committee at all levels National, State, Local Government and Ward Working Committee, NWC,SWC, LGWC & WWC as this provision or proposal will put women on the table where decision(s) are to be taken as it relate to the management of Political Party in Nigeria.

Chief Ameh also recommended Proportional Representation for National and State Assembly elections. “This is because we all know that some stronger Parties deploy all sort of tactics to ensure victory for their candidates but the other Political Parties also score in many cases, very high number of votes. Proportional Representation will ensure that these votes get the parties some seats instead of the present winner -takes -all and loser loses everything situation that has made our elections a war theatre.

Also, as we improve on the credibility of our democracy the care of human life and happiness which is the first and only object of good governance through democratic process will be better realised.

We have observed that the evolution of Multi-Party democracy in Nigeria has led to less post -election violence The more political Parties participating in an election, the less post -election violence and bloodshed we have had. We therefore believe that Parties should therefore not be de-registered.

Political Parties are veritable tools for political education, mobilisation and leadership training and are therefore an essential element of a well-functioning democracy.

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